1977 K5 496 Build

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1977 K5 496 Build

Postby SIK5 » Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:27 pm


So, I am upgrading my current cammed SBC to a 496 BBC. I will be doing the swap very soon. I have no idea what I am getting into and feel im in over my head. I should have put this set up in a chevelle...still might. Anywhooo Here is what I got done so far. Let me know what you would guys would do next or what I should add or remove please. I need all the advise I can get! I still need to purchase a cam (solid roller), headers, and carb. I'm thinking I will most likely get a Holley 4500 1050cfm Dominator (too big??) and patriot ceramic coated 1 7/8 to 3.5" headers. Cam...no clue. .I hope to be in the 10.5:1 compression ballpark. Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

- Machine work - Eagle rotating assembly/rods/aluminum pistons/fly wheel and balancer
- AFR 290 CC Heads with solid roller set up
- Weiand Stealth single plain intake manifold (will a 4150 style carb fit?)
- Weiand mechanical water pump
- melling oil pump with pick up
- 140 amp alternator
- Comp Double roller chain
- Trans Dap 6qt pan
- Holley HP 125 Fuel Pump
- Comp push rods
- Bullet mufflers
- Summit Racing Street/Strip billet distributor

Tranny - Built TH400 by Alan pope Performance - 4X4 MUD COMP. TH400 MANUAL VALVE BODY WITH ENGINE BRAKING 1,150.00T

NP208 needed. I want to swap out the NP203.

I have the stock Dana 44 and Corporate 12". They come with 30 spline axles from factory. I will be upgrading the stock gears to 4:10's with LSD. I will be running 15" aluminum wheels with 35x12.5" TSL Thornbirds. Thinking of a traction bar from offroad design as well.
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Re: 1977 K5 496 Build

Postby norm » Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:49 pm

I would want at least 2" headers ,2 1/8" would be better (my opinion). The 1050 dominator should be a good start. Get the engine dynoed and then have a converter built. Things could be done different depending on intended use,ex-racing only,some street or a mix.
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Re: 1977 K5 496 Build

Postby SIK5 » Wed Oct 15, 2014 12:05 pm

Thanks for the reply. I am prolly going to go with an AED 1000HO-RD carb on a victor JR single plane intake. I will be 20% racing and 80% trail riding/annoying people on the street :twisted:

Great advise on the converter built depending on power made. Also, I am getting 2" primaries to 3.5" Hooker headers. Most likely will have them powder coated here in El Paso.
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