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Since 1982

Postby Straight Shooter » Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:38 pm

I started sand drag racing in 1982 with my daily driver, bright red, 1951 M38 Jeep at Coon Hollow near Winston OR at a race promoted by Fred Green. We met a lot of great people and went on to join the NWSCA based in Washougal WA. I got paralyzed in 1993 in a racing accident. After I got hurt my wife Brenda took over driving until she crashed at Albany 1995 hitting the lights at the finish line and endoing spectacularly out through the trees(4.23 @ 78) totaling the Jeep. From the ashes with the help of a couple 5th grade neighbor boys, a couple friends and my dad, I built this. It took 7 weeks and it was ready to race. First easy pass went 3.9 something and has since run 3.53@91. After Brenda wrecked the Jeep the decision was made we would no longer drive and have always had guest drivers. In 1996 we came to be known as the Hired Gun.


We had some great drivers and won a couple high point championships and our share of shoot outs all over the North West. In 2004 we retired to build a new house only bringing it out once in awhile since to defend or reset our NWSCA MPH record currently set by my son Brady at 89.55 mph in the 4 pounds per cubic inch buggy class. The car is 2oo pounds overweight so the ET record has eluded us. For now that is. :twisted:


Anyway my son Brady has since taken the wheel and we are attempting to make a few races mostly at Albany OR and in Riddle OR with a few at the Oregon Dunes raceway at Box Car in North Bend.

Hope to see you all soon at the races. Shawn, Brenda and Brady

Best pass during 2015 races 3.092@104.4mph at Albany OR. All motor single 4 on race gas.
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