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To start thanks to all of the racers who have joined us this year, we enjoy meeting new racers and seeing our regulars and with out you we wouldn't have any reason to have CIDRA.

Thanks to the Officers who have given every ounce of what they could to make this a great year for all those who are involved, Brian Moore, Tresa Coffman, Jake Ross, Jacob Dare, Cody Sorrell, and Devin Louden. These guys and gal worked themselves from daylight til dark to put races on for all of us, and THANKS SO MUCH!

Special thanks to those who went above and beyond and were there everytime we needed something or someone to fill in a gap, lend a hand, or run equipment : Mike Sterwerf, Gale Banks, Marty Louden, Natasha Ross, Shelly Sorrell, Ciara Coffman, Dustin King, Mark, Nate Gentry, and Bruce.

Our final race at liberty was saturday, the race winners are as follows:

1st, Scott Bare
2nd, Trey Quinlan
3rd, Jamie Schifft
4th, Moochie Bowers

Gamblers winner: Cody Sorrell

With the conclusion of the racing the final points are as follows:

1st. Ryan Kerr - 265
2nd. Brian Moore - 183
3rd. Cody Sorrell - 156
4th. Damian Bowers - 131
5th. Mooch Bowers - 130
6th. Duke Sorrell - 120
7th. Jacob Dare and Pat Euriga - 100
8th. Devin Louden - 90
9th. Timmy Bowers - 70
10th. Adam Browning- 65
11th. Mike Sterwerf - 45
12th. Ken Madden - 20

Peewee and Junior winner: Josh Brown and Alex Moore

Banquet will be the 6th of November at 6:00 p.m. at Pizza King in Liberty. We will pass out trophies for boys, do adult points, and elections for new officers. The Officer positions will be President, Vice, Sec/Treas, Tech, and Race Day Leader.
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