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Gravelrama 44 Race Results

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:55 am
by sandaltered
My computer basically died just before Gravelrama. For those without Facebook, here are some results and links to photos and videos.

I don't know all the class winners. Post up your personal results and we'll compile a list.

Special Awards:

Bob Black Eliminator:
1st - Kay Dreher
2nd - Bob Ford

Best Engineered Vehicle:
Trice Family Racing Chevy Truck

Big T Trophy:
Franklin County 4 Wheelers

Low ET Drag Strip:
4WD Male - Johnny Dreher: 3.22 @ 105
4WD Female -- Kay Dreher: 3.75

2WD Male - Brian McWethy: 2.94
2WD Female - Kathy Ellington: 3.22 @ 101

Links to photos and videos:
Thanh Tran Photography
Thursday Bracket Race:
Friday Hill Drags:
Saturday Flat Drags:
Sunday Big Eliminator:

Picture Daddy Pictures Just go to the client login to find each days photos

Hammerdown Productions: ... MYPKcUp9Gz

OJ Simpson (covers most of the event in about 20 minutes):

There's quite a bit more out there. It was definitely a good time. I was glad to get back in the car again. I think I ran a personal best et with a 3.31. After trying for the last few years we finally reset the women's 2WD track record. Kathy ran a 3.22 in an anti-climatic bye run in the final of XXA.