1989? Yamaha Moto 4 80cc quad (Rushville, IN)

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1989? Yamaha Moto 4 80cc quad (Rushville, IN)

Postby Jarhead1775 » Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:45 pm

Ive got a 1989? Yamaha Moto 4 80cc quad for sale. My son is too big for it now...as he has taken over my wife's quad. I have many, many spare parts for this. I have been working on it off and on, well more off than on lol for a few years. Now he is too big for it and its time to get rid of it. Id have to look at the VIN or engine number to get the exact year again.


It RUNS, cranks and starts, has ran and has been rode by myself... so I know it is not junk.

It has NEW or spare parts:
New Battery... although currently dead
New Ignition and 2 keys
spare engine
spare carb
spare rear end
spare side cover
spare this and spare that and Im sure a spare few others that I am missing at the moment!

The bad: Needs a new clutch installed - I have it, just not installed it.
Needs new left side engine cover installed. Again, I have it... just not installed.
Needs the carb cleaned up... I have a rebuild kit and spare carb for it.
Just plain needs finished up and cleaned up... I lost interest in it with as much money that I have put into the spare parts.... well over $1000 that I can remember. You should not have to buy another spare part for the quad period. I bought enough parts in case my son tore anything up on it.

I want $600 for the quad and the spare parts. I will not take any less for it, or I will part it out on Ebay... I know the parts will sell there.. thats where my spare parts came from! The rear axles regularly sell for over $300 on Ebay. I just installed a new one and am including another good axle. So, there is over $600 right there. The spare carb was over $150 and the side covers were around $75 each. Spare motor/transmission was around $250-$275 if I remember right, thats well over the previous mentioned $1000 and still have more parts that are not mentioned. I have way more invested in spare parts than what I am asking for the entire deal. I dont want to finish it or mess with it any further and I am not willing to as it is of no benefit to me to do so. Call me grumpy or whatever, Im just over the quad lol.

I am really easy to get along with... just over this quad

My number is 765-561-5391. Please no calls after 10pm or before 8am
I am located in Rushville.
Drive it 'til it sounds expensive
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